Dong Chan Shi Lantern Show Photo Trip

This year the lantern show at Dong Chan Shi is very beautiful, what attracted my eye ball most is the lotus pool decoration at the middle of the temple province. This year they use some LED light display at this small pool, the lotus flowers look so beautiful and colorful. 

今年东禅寺的花灯展的确非常的漂亮,但最吸引我的眼球的要算是在花灯展中间位置的莲花池装饰 。这一年工作人员用了LED 灯饰来点缀这个莲花池,池中的莲花颜色非常鲜艳和漂亮。

If you wish to take photo at this similar location, please feel free to contact us at below :
( 如果你有兴趣到同样的地点拍摄,请用以下的链接联系我们)
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